5G - The 5th Generation Mobile Networks
5G - The 5th Generation Mobile NetworksCover, 5G 2nd Ed

De Gruyter Oldenbourg

Ulrich Trick

2024. 344 pages
De Gruyter Oldenbourg

Euro 69,95

ISBN 978-3-11-118648-1
e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-118661-0
e-ISBN (EPUB) 978-3-11-118675-7

2nd, updated and extended edition

Recent years have witnessed 5G networks being rolled out worldwide. Compared to 4G, they offer not only obvious advantages such as higher bit rates but also high reliability and low latency, critical for enabling car-to-x applications, or the integration of a very high number of end devices such as sensors in a smart city.

This book on 5G technology starts with the evolution of mobile networks to 5G. It then reviews basic concepts and technologies such as NGN, IMS, virtualization with NFV and MEC, SDN, and Service Function Chaining.

The 5G environment is comprehensively presented, starting with use cases and usage scenarios and moving on to concrete requirements, as well as the ITU, 3GPP standardization, and international regulations.

In this context, the 5G system design, the high-performance 5G access networks, including Open-RAN, and the core network with the innovative concepts of Service Based Architecture and Network Slicing play a significant role. A 5G system is presented in its integrated view, including examples from network practice, supplemented by a look at campus networks, and rounded off by an overview of all relevant IT security aspects.

The discussion concludes with an in-depth analysis of the environmental influences of electromagnetic radiation, the energy and raw material resources requirements, and the sustainability aspects. Furthermore, the future development of 5G is outlined, together with an introduction to 6G.

The main objective of the book is to provide people interested in 5G technology and application scenarios with the necessary background and technical knowledge and to encourage further discussion of this topic. The target audience is technical enthusiasts, mostly employees of public and private network operators. This book should be of particular interest within the IT departments of potential 5G user companies and, of course, among computer science and electrical engineering students.

  • Includes application scenarios and examples from network practice
  • Updated and extended new edition


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